Need some sweet fishing distractions from work or study? Load up these fresh fishing apps for to your iPhone, iPod Touch or new Apple iPod today and land the trophy of a lifetime! Fly fishing, bass fishing, saltwater angling and more are all available through the Apple Apps store. Tight lines!

Fly Fishing
Pascal Games

This is probably (at least right now) my most favorite fishing game for the iPod touch. It also runs on the iPad and Apple iPhone and offers a lot of interesting game play. Fly Fishing from Pascal Games is probably one of the more realistic takes on fishing games for hand held devices. Players can fish 4 different environments, using a variety of flys (wet, dry, nymphs, streamers) to catch the different fish available.

The graphics are a excellent blend between realism and quaint fishing paintings of old. It is 3D, and the main view of your characters back or side profile as they cast and retrieve fly's across different bodies of water.

You can zoom in to help in spotting fish as they hide in the water. Casting is done using the motion sensitive control and flipping forward, then backward and repeating (if you want to make a longer cast, as is common in real fly fishing). Anglers will have to experiment with a variety of retrieves and casting locations to catch the fish. It's certainly not easy, and that's partly why I like it. Even landing the the fish is quite tricky to do, and the fights can be pretty intense. Too many of the other fishing apps make the fishing absurdly simplistic and rather quite boring. Fly Fishing from Pascal keeps the feeling of the "hunt" alive and well and you "stalk" the trout and other species in the game.

My only complaint with Fly Fishing is the lack of more environments. Each zone has a large area to cast to and to view, but it would be nice to have even more zones. 4 zones simply is not enough! I would recommend the developers allow players to move their characters, walking them up and down the stream or along the lake shore, to really add variety to the game.

GT Lure Fishing
Pascal Games

GT Lure Fishing is another sweet fishing app from Pascal Games. This company sure makes some great Apple apps for anglers (Check out their Bass fishing app)! Players focus on catching large Giant Trevally, a saltwater fish, near the reefs in the tropics. These fish get quite large and offer a huge challenge for even the most dedicated angler.

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing brings the excitement, glitz and glamour of professional bass fishing to the iPod touch, iPhone and Apple iPad. From the start, it is obvious that Rapala Pro Bass Fishing was developed by a large company with a healthy budget, thanks to the array of nice graphics, cinematics and overall game design. There is a huge array of lures to use, tackle to collect and tournaments to take part in. The game is even integrated with Facebook so you can show off your catches online. My favorite part is the trophy room where players can view their best catches. There is truly some astounding work done on the details of each fish model, check it out!

Flick Fishing
URL: See Apple Apps Store

I played Flick Fishing quite a bit at first, at the urging of my friends, and have not been impressed. It is certainly one of the most popular "fishing game apps" on the Apple Apps store, and I have to include it in this list of "best fishing apps" since it is so amazingly popular. The reason for its popularity is its ease of use and simple gameplay mechanics. Loads of people have been playing it and continue to do so, despite its completely unrealistic fishing concepts (spinnerbaits for trout?) and over-easy gameplay. Still, if you are just looking for something chill and relaxed as a fishing app on the Apple platform, Flick Fishing is probably the way to go.


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